Want something extra special? If so, these inflatable games are just for you! We have a variety of options at a competitive price!

Whether it's our Demolition Ball or our Bungee Run we guarantee these Inflatable games will be a big hit for all!!

Total Wipe-Out Inflatable

Ruler12.5m (L) x 12.5m (W) x 4m (H)

AgeAll ages

How long can you keep up the energy to jump over & duck under the sweeper arm?

From £575

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Single Lane Assault Course

Ruler14ft (W) x 66ft (L) x 17ft (H)

AgeAll Ages

Run, Jump, Duck, Climb and Slide with this Awesome Assault Course!!!

From £275

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Criss Cross Zorb Balls

RulerTrack is 98ft (L) x 9ft (W)

AgeAges 6 and up!

Our Criss Cross Collision is like no other. Climb into our Zorb balls and traverse our 98ft long course!!


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Twin Lane Assault Course

Ruler37ft(L) x 23ft(W) x 13ft(H)

AgeAll Ages!

Run, Dodge, Climb and Slide with this excellent assault course!

From £350

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Rodeo Bull

Ruler15ft Round x 6ft (H)

AgeAges 6 and up!

How long can you Rodeo on the inflatable Bull for, without getting thrown off?

From £90

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Bungee Run

Ruler32ft (L) x 11ft (W) x 9ft (H)

AgeAges 6 and up!

Can you place your marker further than your opponent before getting sprung back to where you started?

From £150

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Demolition Ball

Ruler20ft (L) x 16ft (W) x 18ft (H)

AgeAges 4 and up!

Can you keep your balance on the inflatable podium whilst trying to knock off your opponents with the Demolition Ball?

From £150

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Under Pressure

Ruler4ft (L) x 14ft (W) x 4.6ft (H)

AgeAll ages - 4ft tall and over

How will you cope in this high pressure game? Move the floating ball from cone to cone without it hitting the floor and get it into the basket at the end.

From £75

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